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Techano completes slipway system start-up

Techano have completed the start-up of a tiltable slipway system onboard an Akva Group delivered feeding barge for Arctic Offshore Farming. The slipway is designed for harsh weather operation (offshore northern Norway 365d/y) and has a unique heave compensation / wave dampening system. The slipway can also lift the boat out of water and into a horizontal position.

As part of the delivery, Techano is also supplying all cylinders for operation and locking of the water tight barge rear gate, a dual-pump HPU, butterfly valves and a touch-screen based control system for operation of the entire slipway area including HPU, rear gate, water control, lights and slipway.




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For further information please contact:

Techano AS
Øystein Bondevik
+47 907 11093