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Offshore Energy

Techano’s product range suits the fishing industry very well, with the product range covering all kind of cranes, winches and custom-built solutions. We can deliver complete deck machinery packages, both electric and hydraulic, for all kinds of fishing vessels.

Subsea Cranes – AHC

Techano Oceanlift Offshore Cranes – AHC design is suitable for various applications, within offshore construction work and subsea installation. Series 50, 70, 100. 150, 160, 200 & 250t SWL.

VOYAGER W2W gangway

A Standalone all electric and integrated Cursor Frame & Walkway. Tower is a standalone unit for delivery in different highest and configurations with elevator or staircase. Phoenix Bridge Control System.

Offshore / Marine Cranes​

The Techano Oceanlift 3D Motion Compensated Knuckle Boom Crane is a flexible light weight designed to enhance the load-handling precision of an offshore crane, enabling very accurate load positioning. Phoenix Bridge Control.

Motion Compensated Cranes

The Techano Oceanlift VECTOR 3D and 3D Motion crane. Heavy Lift Crane with/ Sail. Phoenix Bridge Control.


Standardized or custom-made winches for new projects or retrofit.


Delivers software-based technologies that drive efficiency and optimization through digitalization.