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Customized solutions for the fishing- and offshore industry.

In 2008, Morten Sørensen created Techano. Possessing only a dream, an enormous amount of passion and one employee. With all his family from Flekkerøy, a small fishing port outside Kristiansand, it was natural to look towards the sea when a new company was to be established. For generations, his family has been feeding off of what the ocean can provide. First as fishermen, later as net peddlers and in the last decades as participants in the supplier industry in southern Norway, focusing on fisheries, oil and gas. More recently, offshore farming, offshore wind and aquaculture have become central markets. All the time the ocean has been our focus area and we have been true to our belonging to the industries that the sea offers. 

Since the beginning, we have focused on innovation, leading us to expand and strengthen Techano. Nurturing this simple idea has now allowed Techano to flourish into a strong brand which delivers high-end products, from concept to on-board installation. All in one place! 

Over the years, we have  acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience, through complex projects, but more importantly through the expertise of new high skilled employees. Techano has made large investments into some of the most advanced software available, guaranteeing the  highest quality products.  

We consider ourselves “problem solvers”. This is even represented through our branding. For what is Rubik’s Cube if not the perfect machine? We seek to create innovative solutions that will be as solid and versatile as professor Rubik’s 1974 invention. And, if possible, to make it even better. 

Advanced load handling

Cranes, winches and equipment for the fishing- and offshore industry, aquaculture, wind farms and service boats.

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