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Techano Group’s product range suits the fishing industry very well, with the product range covering all kind of cranes, winches and custom-built solutions. We can deliver complete deck machinery packages, both electric and hydraulic, for all kinds of fishing vessels.

Offshore / Marine Cranes​

The Techano Oceanlift 3D Motion Compensated Knuckle Boom Crane is a flexible light weight designed to enhance the load-handling precision of an offshore crane, enabling very accurate load positioning. Phoenix Bridge Control.


Standardized or custom-made winches for new projects or retrofit.

Fish Transfer Systems

Custom-made solutions for fish handling. System solution for live fish handling and transportation. Our customized solutions are designed to maintain the welfare of the fish.

Drivable Service units

Motorized service units with onboard equipment for optimized access and flexibility.

Slipway Systems

Flexible slipway systems for safe and easy access for FRC’s, lifeboats and hyperbaric systems.