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Subsea Cranes – AHC

Subsea Cranes – AHC

The Techano Oceanlift Offshore Cranes – AHC design is suitable for various applications, within offshore construction work and subsea installation. It is designed to optimize safely during deck-handling, ship-to-fixed, ship-to-ship transfer and subsea-installation, using in a house load control system. The new series includes models starting from 50mt up to 400mt. Water depths up to 3,000m are included as standard, while deeper water capabilities can be provided as an option.

All motions including (AHC) active heave-compensation, tension-modes and auxiliary and tugger winch functions are integrated within a powerful and in-house designed control system. This assures precision and safety during all operations.

Techano Oceanlift Offshore Cranes are specially designed to provide extra lift heights for very tall loads. This feature offers operators greater flexibility during lift planning operations. The subsea cranes can be delivered with a range of options including a motion-compensated ship-to ship load transfer system and personnel lift.

Lifting Features

  • Lifting capacity up to 250t single line / 400t double fall
  • Knuckle boom cranes offer superb flexibility and maneuverability.
  • In-house developed control system Phoenix
  • Main winch wire capacity typical 2000 – 3000m, optional fiber and 4000m +
  • Main winch mounted on the crane.
  • Auxiliary winches with up to 50t SWL and 4000m wire capacity
  • Fully equipped, spacious, air-conditioned, ergonomically operator cabin.
  • Phoenix Remote Bridge Control System.

Typical Options

  • Supply boat lifts and subsea lifts
  • Remote control
  • Constant tension system
  • Specialized lifting yokes
  • Splash zone mode
  • Path control
  • For operation in hazardous zones
  • Special high lift mode
  • Float the load.
  • CBM
  • Wire wear monitoring/logging
  • Load turning device.
  • Fiber rope solutions enable operations at extreme depths.