Techano offers the renewable market with a wide range of products for offshore windmills, SOV vessels and offshore vessels serving the same. Together with Safeway we can offer complete packages of offshore cranes, motion compensated gangways & cranes, winches and general load handling equipment.

Offshore Cranes

Wide range of offshore cranes, both knuckle jib cranes, telescopic cranes and foldable cranes. We cooperate closely with our clients to design complete solutions that define all functionalities of a purpose-built vessel. Functionality may include:

  • Constant tension
  • Active heave compensation
  • Personnel handling
  • Class certification


Marine Cranes

Standardized or custom-built marine cranes of different types:

  • Luffing jib cranes
  • Knuckle jib cranes
  • Telescopic cranes
  • Lightweight cranes
  • Material handling cranes


Foldable Marine Cranes

We represent the well-recognized manufacturer Guerra to deliver high quality foldable cranes.

This includes a wide range of standardized cranes for offshore and marine use:

  • Foldable cranes
  • Cherry pickers

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Motion Compensated Gangway

Some advantages of the SafeWay motion compensated gangway:

  • Zero impact bumpering
  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved workability
  • D compensated system
  • Combined aluminum A-frame and foldable stairway system for walk to work gangway
  • Combined gangway and cranes
  • Low power consumption
  • Covered inner- and outer boom


Slipway Systems

Flexible slipway systems for safe and easy access for FRC’s, lifeboats and hyperbaric systems:

  • Static, tiltable and/or removeable
  • Stand-alone or integrated in hull structure
  • Complete remote-control function available


Driveable Serviceunits

Motorized service units with onboard equipment for optimized access and flexibility:

  • Electro-hydraulic or diesel powered
  • Optimized for each individual project, with onboard equipment including foldable cranes, capstans, telescopic cranes, personnel handling baskets
  • Optional onboard control cabin
  • Optional trailer



Standardized or custom-made winches for new projects or retrofit.

  • Subsea winches with CT and/or AHC
  • Lifting winches
  • Dual/triple drum winches
  • Guideline winches
  • Tugger winches
  • Utility winches
  • Net handling winches
  • Capstan winches
  • Manrider winches


Fish Hose Handling

Custom-made solutions for fish handling:

  • Guiding arrangements
  • Static and telescopic cradles
  • Hydraulic couplings for live fish handling connections
  • Hose chutes


Handling Equipment

Techanos range of handling equipment includes:

  • Manual service beams
  • Trollies
  • Umbilical hang off saddles
  • Riser hang off flanges
  • Lifting arrangements
  • Lifting beams
  • Umbilical roller sheaves


Chain jacks

Chain Jacks

Various size chain jacks for safe and reliable chain handling.

  • High quality, hydraulic jacks with position sensoring
  • Chain lockers and guide sheave arrangements
  • Transport frame with integrated HPU
  • Remote control available
  • Synchronized movement of multiple chain jacks possible

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